Membership Information

Membership Information

The annual membership year is January 1 to December 31

All members must be a current member of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). Associate members are exempt from joining AMA.

New flying members may join our club on the grounds that they join AMA before flying solo at our field.

Student flyers are exempt from joining AMA for the first thirty (30) days while flying with an AMA registered Intro Pilot.


Annual dues for current members are payable to the Secretary/Treasurer by January 1st of each year. A 30 day grace period will be extended to members in good standing with the club and with no outstanding fees. After 30 days, if dues are unpaid, flying privileges will be revoked.

Annual dues are $50.00 per year for adults age eighteen (18) or older; $25.00 for senior citizens age sixty (60) or older; youth members under age eighteen (18) are free.

Dues will be discounted for additional family members LIVING IN THE SAME HOUSEHOLD. Each additional family member will receive a fifty (50) percent discount, after the first family member has paid full price.

Club dues will be pro-rated for new members only. The dues will be discounted twenty five (25) percent per quarter. Re-joining members will not be pro-rated.


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