Caldwell Aero Modelers

Volume 5, Issue 5

AMA Charter # 3470

May 2004

Club Officers:

President: Ron Bachman
VP: Jim Holder
Sec/Treasurer: Elbert Cook
Newsletter Editor: Brett Springall

Appointed Officers:
Field Marshall: Jessie Wylie
Safety Officers: Elbert Cook

Intro Pilots:
Ivan Vrooman
Elbert Cook

President's Message

The field is officially open. Please begin to use the field, but bear in mind that we have more work to do, including putting up fences and moving more equipment from the old field.

Further plans will be made at the next meeting, so please attend, so that we can get the new field finished.

We have a very important issue to make a decision on at the next meeting. Please plan to attend, as this issue will have a major effect on the future of the club.

Ron Bachman - President


Next Meeting:
Wednesday, May 12th, 2003 at 7:00pm
Location: Tex's Fish Camp - please arrive between 6:00 & 6:30 if you plan to eat.

Notes from the last meeting. 

Plans were made to meet at the field and work on April 25th

Year 2004 club dues are due. Per last meeting dues are now $60 and $30 for senior citizens, and the work credit program has been dropped.

Anyone requiring all seasons patches should contact Elbert, or come to the next meeting to place their order.

May 12th-15th, Joe Nall
June 5th, West Hickory Warbirds
August 7th, Bob Wilson Fun Fly, West Hickory
August 8th, Old Timer Fly In, West Hickory