Hildebran R/C Aero-Modelers

Volume 3, Issue 3

AMA Charter # 3470

March 2003

Club Officers:

President: Ron Bachman
VP: Jim Holder
Sec/Treasurer: Brett Springall

Web Site http://www.hrcam.com/
Appointed Officers:
Field Marshall: Jessie Wylie
Safety Officers: Elbert Cook

Intro Pilots:
Ivan Vrooman
Elbert Cook

From The Oval Office

Our last meeting brought up some issues invlolving some major changes to our flying field. As soon as the weather improves, we will need to start making these changes. I hope everyone will help out in any activities which are planned to improve the flying field.

Our family fun fly has been planned for May. Over the next few months, we will be making our preparations for this event. Please attend the next few meetings so that our opinions and ideas can be heard.

Thanks, see you at the next meeting.

Ron Bachman





Next Meeting:
Sunday, March, 9, 2003 at 3:00pm
Location: Flying Field

Notes from the last club meeting

A motion was made and approved to move the active runway. The plan is to rotate the runway, so that airplanes do not approach from directly over the main buildings of Neuville Industries.

A motion was made and approved to put a gate across the driveway. Additional safety fencing will also be installed to stop unauthorized people from flying at the field.

Discussion was heard on the activities that the Hickory Hobby Shop is making with the boy scouts. The scouts are building rubber powered models and will need a place to fly them one weekend. If anyone is willing to help out with these activities, please contact any club officer.

Ron read a letter which he has received regarding model airplane activities at the festival of flight in Fayetteville during May. If any body wishes to participate in providing buddy box instruction during the event, please contact any club officer for details, and to make arrangements.


3/15/03, Lexington Swap Meet - Lexington, NC

3/29/03, Spring Fly In - Greenville, SC

3/29/03, Texaco 1/2A - Ridgeville, SC

4/4/03, Spring Big Bird Fly In - Fayetteville, NC

4/19/03, Spring Fly In - Youngsville, NC

4/26/03, Tad Dietrich Memorial - Wilson, NC