Hildebran R/C Aero-Modelers

Volume 4, Issue 6

AMA Charter # 3470

June 2003

Club Officers:

President: Ron Bachman
VP: Jim Holder
Sec/Treasurer: Brett Springall

Web Site http://www.hrcam.com/
Appointed Officers:
Field Marshall: Jessie Wylie
Safety Officers: Elbert Cook

Intro Pilots:
Ivan Vrooman
Elbert Cook

From The Oval Office

There isn't much club business going on at the moment. We are all pretty much waiting for the weather to clear for some good flying days. If you have anything that needs to be addressed at a meeting, please attend and voice your opinion.

Thanks, see you at the next meeting.

Ron Bachman






Next Meeting:
Sunday, June, 8, 2003 at 3:00pm
Location: Flying Field

Please record your work credits on the list in the club house. Next years dues will be calculated based on these recorded work credits.

Notes from the last club meeting

The wire fence and padlock was installed. The combination for the padlock is xxxx. Please be sure to put the wire back up if you are the last to leave the field.

All seasons patches were distributed to those who ordered them.

Elbert made a suggestion that the fence behind the frequency boxes be moved to extend the pit fence out from the left side of the left side shelter. All present were in favor of passing this motion.


6/7, Warbirds Over West Hickory

6/7 - 6/8, Giant Scale Fly In, Statesville, NC

6/15, Fathers Day Fly In, King, NC

6/21, Frenchbroad Fly In, Asheville, NC

6/21, Balsa Buzzards Big Bird, Duncan, NC

7/11 - 7/13, Alabama Big Birds, Huntsville, AL

7/19, 6th Annual Cub Day, High Point, NC