Hildebran R/C Aero-Modelers

Volume 3, Issue 1

AMA Charter # 3470

January, 2003

Club Officers:

President: Ron Bachman
VP: Jim Holder
Sec/Treasurer: Brett Springall

Web Site http://www.hrcam.com/
Appointed Officers:
Field Marshall: Jeremy Spann
Safety Officers: Elbert Cook

Intro Pilots:
Ivan Vrooman
Elbert Cook

From The Oval Office

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year. We have the same club officers this year as we did last year, except the secretary/treasurer has changed to Brett Springall. I would like to thank all of the past officers for their work last year.

We need to be especially careful obeying our no fly zones this year, and we need to make sure that we avoid Neuville Industries property at all costs. It is very likely that we could lose the flying field if we continue to over fly their property. I would like to ask that all members pay close attention to their own flying, and also to offer a word of advice if you see anyone flying over the Neuville property.

Turn out at our meetings has been disappointing recently. I would like to ask that you attend as many meetings as you can. Important issues that effect your flying club are discussed at the meetings. Please make an effort to attend, and get your voice heard if you need to.


Ron Bachman


Next Meeting:
Sunday, January, 12, 2003 at 3:00pm
Location: Flying Field

Notes from the last club meeting

Elections were held for club officers in the 2003 club year. Results were as follows:

President - Ron Bachman
Vice President - Jim Holder
Secretary/Treasurer - Brett Springall

Ron informed the club that Neuville Industries were having their lawyer send a letter to the land owner of the field, concerning recent accidents on their property. At the meeting, the actual details of the letter were not known. Discussion on the content of the letter is to be heard at the next meeting.


1/25/03, BARKS 2003 Swap Shop - Burlington, NC

2/8/03, Sky Knights Swap Shop - Spartanburg, SC

2/28/03, Southeastern Model Show - Perry, GA

3/15/03, Lexington Swap Meet - Lexington, NC

Newsletters by Email.

Our club newsletters are available on the club website. Notification is sent via email when newsletters are published to the site. If you would like to be added to the email list, please inform Brett Springall at a club meeting, or email brett@bspringall.com requesting addition to the email list.