Hildebran R/C Aero-Modelers

Volume 2, Issue 7

AMA Charter # 3470

July, 2002

Club Officers:

President: Ron Bachman
VP: Jim Holder
Sec/Treasurer: Rick Hughey
Editor: Brett Springall

Web Site http://www.hrcam.com/
Appointed Officers:
Field Marshall: Jeremy Spann
Safety Officers: Elbert Cook

Intro Pilots:
Ivan Vrooman
Elbert Cook

From The Oval Office

I will be leaving for vacation on Thursday, and will not be able to attend the next club meeting. In my absence, Jim Holder our Vice President will be chairing the meeting.

We do not have much club business to attend to at the moment. You can see the issues that were discussed at the last meeting, and these will be addressed further at the next meeting. If you have an opinion you would like to voice, please attend the next meeting

Our Fun Fly will take place in October as usual, which leaves a few months before the planning needs to be started. Until then, lets all enjoy the summer, and have fun with our flying.


Ron Bachman


Next Meeting:
Sunday, July, 14, 2002 at 3:00pm
Location: Flying Field


Many of our members get their newsletter by email. If you would like to receive yours by email, but are currently getting the paper copy, please send a note to brett@bspringall.com to let me know your email address.

Notes from the last club meeting

The issue regarding incorporating the race track fully into the club was addressed. After discusion was heard, a motion was made and passed to include the racetrack in the club. This means that the track is now the responsibility of the club, and complete maintenance of the track is performed by the club. It also means that persons joining the club as car drivers only will have to participate in the work credit program.

Further discussion was heard on improving the roof  of the two shelters, and possibly joining them into one roof. The issue of frequency pins for the racetrack was discussed as well as a safety fence to separate the driving area from the flying area. No motions were made concerning these discussions.


Cub Day, High Point, July 20
Bob Wilson Memorial Fun Fly, West Hickory, August 3rd
Riveredge RC Flying Club, Charity Fun Fly, North Wilkesboro, August 3rd